Spring 2015 Preview

The Spring 2015 Issue is almost in the can (as they say in Hollywood). Watch for the issue to appear right here on our website, by mid-May, 2015. As a teaser, here’s one of our favorites from the issue, a poem by Molly Duggan.

It was a calm sort of chaos.
There was a crowd of slow swimming goldfish in an aquarium resting at the end of a hallway of
fish supplies–ceramic translucent pastel blue pebbles, water filters, and plastic plant life.
The girl waited for me to decide which fish I wanted to bring home with a look of confusion, “Mostly we use them as food for other fish” she said.
I poured him, and his world, into a pitcher and gingerly carried him with me all the way to the car realizing I might finally empathize with the moon–who has no control over causing the currents in the ocean.
I wonder if the moon cries for every organism lost in the selfish pull of the riptide––the little boy in a black and white striped shirt building a sand castle just a little too close to the wave break.

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