Web Feature: Holly Mueller reads “The Dime”

20160211_092808Holly Mueller’s “The Dime” is featured in The Catalyst Volume 13, page 20The Catalyst asked Holly what inspired her to write this poem and she said:

“When I was four and my brother eight, we made a bet. I think it involved racing down the driveway on our bikes. At any rate, we bet a dime. I lost the bet and refused to pay. He never let me forget this. Throughout the years, he would tease me that I still owed him a dime. When he was 38, he was caught in what we consider a love triangle. We will never know the exact details. From what we surmise, the gun that killed him was not suppose to have gone off, it was only meant to scare him. At any rate, he died instantly. As he lay in the casket, I did take a dime and place it in his pocket.”

Holly Mueller’s Bio:

“I am currently seeking my English degree with a Literature Emphasis.  I have my B.S in Community Health Education from UW-La Crosse.  Currently, I am a Certified Medical Assistant working at Gundersen Health System.  I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, and playing board games with my granddaughter.  I have a new puppy named Popcorn and she really does love to eat popcorn!”


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